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Unfortunately in today's society, the desire to do things more quickly often leads to an inferior quality of work.  Do you remember your last eye exam?  Did you leave the office wondering if you possibly made the wrong decision when the eye doctor asked you which was better, 1 or 2?  Have you ever been told you have an astigmatism and felt ashamed because you didn't really know what that means?  Get ready for a different kind of eye exam at WEAR  EYEWEAR.  

Do you need your annual eye exam?  Dr. Jordan Jones will take the time to perform a true Comprehensive Eye Exam.  When just a little extra time is taken to ensure that your prescription is right, the difference can be dramatic.  Tests will be performed that will look for conditions such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration Cataracts, and Dry Eye.  Dilated fundus exams will look for retinal detachments, retinal holes, or issues related to Diabetes or Hypertension.

Interested in Contact Lenses?  From simple and straightforward, to the patient that has always had difficulty with their contact lenses, Dr. Jones is ready to help you find the lens that is right for you.  With advances in contact lenses coming at us nearly every day, what you are wearing right now could be yesterday's news by your next exam.  From patients with astigmatism or toric contact lenses to the ever advancing section of Multi-focal or bifocal contact lenses; do yourself a favor and ask what is new that might fit your lifestyle better. 

Are you contemplating if LASIK or PRK is right for you?  Dr. Jones will provide you with more information to help you with your decision.  If you decide that it is right for you, we partner with the Kraff Eye Institute to provide you with an outstanding experience from start to finish.

For all of your eyecare needs, look no further than WEAR  EYEWEAR. Did you know that your medical insurance can often be used if you come in for any red eye, irritation, itchiness, or foreign body sensation relating to your eyes?  Dr. Jordan Jones has been trained to provide complete eye care and can help you with everything from Dry Eye Syndrome and Ocular Allergies, to Corneal Ulcers and Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye).

Most people enjoy trying on eyeglasses and seeing how different they look in different styles in the mirror, but feel less than positive about which decisions they should make for their lenses.  Thin, Ultra-thin, Lightweight, Glare Coating, Transition, Progressive; everything starts to run together.  Get ready for a different kind of experience at WEAR  EYEWEAR.  Starting with your eye exam, Dr. Jones will consult with you to uncover your needs and try to help you make decisions that make sense with your prescription and your lifestyle.
When you leave the exam room and head into the optical, you can have confidence that your opticians will be completely versed on the latest lens technology available.  Each of our highly qualified opticians are up to date on every facet of the optical industry. Greg, Joe, Kristy and Aida can answer any and all of your questions as they relate to eyeglasses, lenses, and lens options.

Do you have a higher prescription? Some optical's will let you pick a frame that won't work well with your prescription even with the thinnest lens they have available.  Even with high index lenses, certain frames work better with certain prescriptions.  Let us help you find that frame.

Do you struggle with glare at night or glare on a computer screen?  With today's lenses being manufactured more thin and more flat than ever before, glare is a big problem.  With the increased hours we now spend on the computer...again, glare is a problem.  Ask us about the various anti-reflective coatings that can be put on your lenses to enhance your vision.

Do you need a bifocal?  Not all no-line bifocals are created equal!  Progressive lenses have been around for over 20 years.  In the last few years, we have AMAZING new technology.  Make sure to ask about getting the newest no-line or progressive lenses put in your glasses.

Do you have a specific visual need?  We have all the latest lens options to solve almost any problem you might have.  Transition lenses that darken with UV exposure.  Polarized sun lenses to help on those bright sunny days.  Computer or office lenses to decrease the demand on your focusing system at work.  Sports specific lenses for everything from golf to swimming.  Safety lenses that meet the requirements of protecting your eyes from the dangers associated with your job.

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