Signs That Your Child Has Myopia

People with myopia have difficulty seeing objects clearly at a distance. It is a common refractive condition that affects both children and adults. An increasing number of children are getting eyeglasses before they begin school.

Most Common Vision Issues in Children

Vision problems in children are more widespread than you might think. They can range from minor issues, such as refractive errors, to more severe conditions like childhood glaucoma.

How Can UV Exposure Damage the Eyes?

The sun is out, and you are ready to go to the beach or for a stroll, so you get your sunscreen and shades on. But how good are those shades?

When Should My Child First See an Optometrist?

Regular visits to the optometrist are essential for your child’s eye health. It is important to schedule regular appointments with an optometrist so that any potential issues can be identified and treated early on.

How Is Sleep Related to Eye Health?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine cannot stress enough the importance of getting enough quality sleep every night. Studies show that poor sleep is often linked to different health issues.

What Can Eye Health Tell You About Overall Health?

The American Association of Retired Persons acknowledges the value of eye health. A comprehensive eye exam can reveal many things about your eye health.

What Are the Effects of Blue Light Exposure?

Going digital has numerous benefits in the speed and convenience of much of what we do. However, it also comes with several cons that require your attention. One of the significant impacts of spending much time using digital screens is exposure to excessive amounts of blue light. Blue light is the primary light wavelength that all LED displays emit. 

5 Common Eye Care Myths Debunked

Most people believe that eye problems or vision loss are inevitable with aging. However, the truth is that many people enjoy good eyesight and eye health into their senior years. Protecting your eye health will ensure you experience good vision.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eyestrain

Eyestrain is when the eyes get fatigued due to intense use, such as while using digital devices. The eyes can also feel tired after reading or driving for a long time. Eyestrain is annoying, but in most cases, it is not severe and is often solved by resting the eyes.

Difference Between an Optometrist and Optician

The American Eye Study Club understands that many people need to know which eye doctor to consult for different eye needs. The two eye doctors often mixed up by many are optometrists and opticians. Understanding the differences between these two eye health providers can help you find the right help. Here are the details to determine how an optometrist and an optician differ.

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