5 Common Eye Care Myths Debunked

Most people believe that eye problems or vision loss are inevitable with aging. However, the truth is that many people enjoy good eyesight and eye health into their senior years. Protecting your eye health will ensure you experience good vision.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Digital Eyestrain

Eyestrain is when the eyes get fatigued due to intense use, such as while using digital devices. The eyes can also feel tired after reading or driving for a long time. Eyestrain is annoying, but in most cases, it is not severe and is often solved by resting the eyes.

Difference Between an Optometrist and Optician

The American Eye Study Club understands that many people need to know which eye doctor to consult for different eye needs. The two eye doctors often mixed up by many are optometrists and opticians. Understanding the differences between these two eye health providers can help you find the right help. Here are the details to determine how an optometrist and an optician differ.

Can Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

If you have diabetes, you should schedule regular visits to your eye doctor at Wear Eyewear. Diabetes can damage the eyes over time, causing vision loss or even total blindness. High blood sugar can cause issues, such as blurry vision, and lead to serious eye diseases. 

Who Is a Candidate for LASIK?

Most people suffering from refractive errors do not like wearing contacts and glasses. Fortunately, LASIK serves as the best solution for a permanent correction to help you see without the need to wear corrective lenses. Read on to learn if you are a LASIK candidate.

How Does Eyecare Change As You Get Older?

As you get older, you can expect your vision to change. It is a natural consequence of aging but can also be due to factors such as environment and lifestyle. Some of the changes experienced include the inability to see objects up close and difficulties distinguishing colors. 

Does My Child Need an Eye Exam or a School Vision Screening?

Healthy eyes and good eyesight ensure children develop to their full potential. That includes physical, psychological, social, and academic development throughout childhood. Hence, it is essential to identify any eye or vision problem early since it can make a huge difference in your child's life.

Common Eye Emergencies and How to Respond

There is always a risk of an eye injury accident in most activities that we engage in. It only takes an accidental chemical splash or a flying spark to injure the eye. These minor accidents can quickly escalate to an eye emergency. These events can happen when you work on home projects or play a game like paintball. It would be best to have eye protection when engaging in such activities.

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

Kids also need eye exams to ensure that their eyes are healthy, allowing them to hit all their developmental milestones. When your kids have healthy eyes, they can keep up with their school performance. They allow them to play sports and interact with their peers during their breaks.

Picking the Right Frames for Spring

Spring is a brilliant time to pick new frames for your eyeglasses. Besides, the optical world is budding with gorgeous pieces to match the season. People are going bold with frames of various shapes, sizes, and colors. The trend is making quite a difference in people's general look.

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