Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Many people assume that having good eyesight means that they do not need to get a comprehensive eye exam. Of course, good eyesight is beneficial. However, you need to understand that comprehensive eye exams involve more than just testing your vision. 

What Are the Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is a series of tests that assesses your vision. It also checks for any signs of eye diseases. The doctor uses various instruments to check different aspects of your vision and the health of your eyes.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is part of the light spectrum you see with your eyes. It makes up about a third of the spectrum and has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. The most significant source of blue light is the sun. However, blue light from the sun is healthy, helping regulate your circadian rhythm.

Halloween Eye Safety: Contacts, Makeup, and More

Like most people in the U.S., you are probably getting ready for Halloween. You are likely looking for the most awesome, scariest, and memorable costumes for your whole family. As you look for such costumes and makeup, are you considering eye safety?

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses vs. Regular Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient way to help correct vision. They are thin glass or plastic discs that sit on an individual’s eyes. Formerly, there were two main types of contact lenses, namely hard and soft. But these days there are many types of lenses, depending on the materials they are made of. 

What to Look for When Choosing Designer Frames

Are you shopping for new eyewear? There are several things that you can do to make sure that you get the perfect pair. Choosing designer frames can be overwhelming due to the number of options out there. 

The Long-term Consequences of Poor Eye Protection

Exposure to high-energy blue light and ultraviolet light is an everyday occurrence. For the most part, people perceive light as a positive thing. Even art and stories portray reinforce this. However, you need to understand the potential dangers of the light you expose yourself to every day.

Benefits of Sports Specific Lenses for Athletes

Clear vision is vital for success in any sport. Vision plays an important role in ensuring that athletes succeed in their sport. People who participate in sports usually require special lenses to ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of Transition Lenses

Transition lenses, also called photochromatic lenses, are a fantastic alternative to swapping between sunglasses and regular glasses when you go from bright to dark environments and vice versa. Transition lenses are made with cutting-edge technology that means that they automatically darken in bright sunlight, and return to a regular tint in darker environments. 

Benefits of Polarized Lenses

When choosing a new pair of sunglasses, people often ask if they really need polarized lenses. While this special layer tends to cost more, they offer an immediate effect on your vision. You consume a world of reflected light around you that’s constantly in flux. Polarized lenses are designed to channel this reflected light, reducing its movement. Are you wondering why this matters?

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