Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is part of the light spectrum you see with your eyes. It makes up about a third of the spectrum and has the shortest wavelength and highest energy. The most significant source of blue light is the sun. However, blue light from the sun is healthy, helping regulate your circadian rhythm.


What Is the Circadian Rhythm?

The circadian rhythm is your sleeping and waking pattern. Blue light from electronic devices at night suppresses the hormone melatonin, throwing off your circadian rhythm. It makes it harder to fall asleep and get rest, causing you to be tired and restless.

So, what are the benefits of blue light glasses?


Sleep Better

Screens can negatively affect your sleep patterns. The high energy of blue light causes alertness and delays the release of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for the regulation of the body’s circadian rhythm. Blue light glasses help reduce the impact of blue light. They allow you to use your devices before sleeping and still be able to fall asleep.

However, get in the habit of disconnecting from blue light devices one or two hours before sleep. It is safer for your body if you do this.


Reduction of Age-Related Eye Diseases

The cornea and eye lens are good at blocking harmful UV rays from reaching the retina. However, they are not so good at blocking the blue light. Damage to the retina can result in the development of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can lead to blindness.

There is also the risk of developing cataracts. Wearing blue light glasses can help slow down the development of these age-related eye diseases.


Reduction of Digital Strain

Research shows that people who use digital devices all day blink less often. It causes your eyes to have less moisture and strain more. The eyes also strain, causing soreness, irritation, and dry eye condition. Blue light glasses will help you deal with all these. They reduce digital eyestrain, helping your eyes to be less weary and sore.


Get Rid of Headaches

At the end of the day, blue light can also give you stress. Stress will make you experience headaches and migraines. Blue light glasses increase the contrast of the screen to your eyes, allowing your eyes to relax and be comfortable. They help reduce stress and hence get rid of headaches and migraines.


Allow You to Work for Longer

When your eyes are comfortable, you can work for longer. Blue light makes it difficult to focus on your screen for long. But with blue light glasses, your eyes are comfortable and able to focus. They increase the contrast on your screen, enabling you to put in more work hours.

You can also choose to stand up from your screen and read a book instead. It will reduce your exposure to blue light. But if this is not an option, blue light glasses are the way to go.

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