How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

How Often Do Kids Need Eye Exams?

Kids also need eye exams to ensure that their eyes are healthy, allowing them to hit all their developmental milestones. When your kids have healthy eyes, they can keep up with their school performance. They allow them to play sports and interact with their peers during their breaks.


Get an expert assessment of your child’s eye health. The best person to do this is a pediatric eye doctor. They will not only assess their vision but also look into their eyes.


Why Is It Essential?

Eye exams for kids are essential because they optimize growth and learning. They do this by checking for the following visual skills. These are essential for children.


  • Accurate eye movement skills.

  • Excellent visual acuity at all distances.

  • Improvement in the child’s learning ability.

  • Precise and comfortable eye teaming skills.


They also mitigate vision loss from different eye conditions, allowing the doctor to make an early diagnosis. They are also able to develop a treatment plan to resolve the issue.


First Eye Exam


Kids should have their first comprehensive eye exam at six months. At this age, they should be able to see comparably to adults. They have depth perception, focus, and color vision. The doctor will test their pupils for responses and check how their eyes follow objects and light. They will also check their preferential looking and visual capabilities.


If there is a problem, early diagnosis will lead to effective treatment.


Age Three to Five


The six months checkup is not the last. The doctor will ask you to bring your child again between ages three and five. At this age, they can verbalize, although they are shy. The doctor can use eye chart tests, letters, or pictures. The doctor can use the tumbling E game. It measures how well your child sees the form and detail of objects.


They will check ocular health, eye tracking, color vision, 3D vision, and others. All these are essential to the child’s healthy development. If you notice your child has a developmental delay, get a doctor to check their eyes.


Age Six to Eighteen


After the age five checkup, you should take your children for eye exams every two years from age six to eighteen. They can continue with the same frequency into their adulthood.


The exam is similar to that of age three to five. However, there are additional tests for specific visual skills. These skills are essential for learning, reading, and sports. They include:


  • Visual acuity

  • Visual perception

  • Eye-tracking

  • Eye focusing

  • Eye teaming

  • Eye-hand coordination


These tests for visual skills are an essential part of the comprehensive eye exam.




From six months to eighteen years, keep track of your child’s eye health. It will prevent the development of age-related eye conditions. These eye conditions can also lead to vision loss. If there is any condition, deal with it as soon as possible before it starts affecting their school work.


For more information on eye exams for kids, call Wear Eyewear at our office in Chicago (312) 626-0036 or Orland Park (708) 349-9327, Illinois.

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