Treatment for Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections

Treatment for Eye Infections

If your eyes are aching, swollen, itchy, or red, it is possible that you have an eye infection. An optometrist can help you deal with the infection and prevent its return.


What Causes Eye Infections


An eye infection can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungus, or an eye injury. It is observed that unhealthy habits such as touching eyes and face with dirty hands and using dirty bed linen can cause eye infections. Sharing makeup, using unclean towels and tissues, and ill-fitted or infected contact lenses can also infect your eyes.


Symptoms of an Eye Infection


Eye infections are often painful and make eyes feel itchy. This can be accompanied by redness, swelling, or discharge from your eye. You can experience a crust forming on the margins of your eyelid, or eyelashes can feel stuck together. Tear production may increase, and the skin around your eye can be swollen, as well.


Common Eye Infections


In case you have noted any symptoms of an infected eye, you likely have one of the following infections. For any trouble with your eyes, it is strongly advised that you visit your optometrist immediately to avoid further complications and harm to your eyes.




Often called the pink eye, conjunctivitis is caused when the blood vessels in your conjunctiva are infected by bacteria or viruses. It could look like a pink or red-eye and is contagious. Your eyes may release some watery discharge or feel itchy.




A stye is a common infection resulting from oil glands clogged with dead skin, oils, and bacteria. Your eye can feel itchy, tender, painful, and swollen. It looks like a pimple on the outer edge of your eyelids.




When your cornea (the clear covering over your iris and pupil) gets swollen due to an infection or injury, you can be diagnosed with keratitis. Using contact lenses, having a weak immune system, living in a humid and warm region, or any injury to the cornea can cause keratitis.


Healthier Eyes — Preventing Eye Infections


Eye infections are preventable and adopting good hygiene practices can reduce the risk of an eye infection. You should wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes often. If you are in proximity to a person who has an eye infection, it is better to maintain a safe distance. If you have an eye infection, stay home until it gets better. In case of using contact lenses, ensure that you are following your optician’s instructions on cleaning and storing them. Avoid sharing makeup and personal items. Consume a nutritious diet to keep your eyes healthy.


If You Have an Eye Infection Visit an Optometrist Near You


If your eyes have shown any symptoms of an infection, you should visit an optometrist. At Wear Eyewear, we are determined to provide the best treatment for your eyes and help you prevent the recurrence of any infections.


Learn more about eye infections and available treatments, contact Wear Eyewear in Chicago or Orland Park, IL at (312) 626-0036 or (708) 349-9327.

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